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Framing and Rebated Profiles

Framing and rebated profiles

We offer several types of rebated door frames, as can be seen from the images above. We also supply door framing in square edge profiles in a 32mm finish and in various widths.

We can supply in long lengths, up to 5.4 metre lengths, or cross cut in to 2.1M lengths for easier transportation. The 2.1 metre lengths are ideal for door frame side, but also cover the various door frame heads, which can be either 0.9 metre or 1.05 metre lengths.

For more information on our Framing and Rebated Profiles email our sales team at or complete our product enquiry form.

At a glance

  • Made from high-quality certified softwood timber
  • Wide variety of sizes and patterns available
  • Available in Whitewood and Redwood
  • Untreated or treated with VacVac
  • Can be purchased from retailers all over Ireland