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Sheeting Profiles

Timber sheeting profiles

At RTD Crawford, we offer a wide range of internal and external panelling sheets that are available to purchase from retailers across Ireland. 

Internal and external cladding sheets

Our range of timber cladding sheets are suitable for internal and external projects. We produce a wide variety of standard profiles such as T&G Flooring, Shiplap, TGV, and TGV Weatherboard. Our cladding sheets are machined from the highest standard machinery which allows us to respond to the varying demands of the market.

Frequently asked questions

What wood panel profiles are available?

There is a wide variety of different dimensions available for all our sheeting profiles, see below for specific profiles;

  • Beaded
  • Open
  • Double Beaded
  • Weather Board
  • T&G Flooring
  • MW11
  • Secret Nailed Flooring
  • TGV

If you require a profile that is not listed please contact our sales team via email at

Are there a range of different panelling dimensions?

Yes, there is a wide variety of different dimensions available for all our sheeting profiles; see below for the dimensions available for sheeting profiles;

  • Beaded – 69 x 12 or 94 x 12
  • Open – 69 x 12 or 94 x 12
  • TGV – 94 x 12 or 119 x 12
  • Double Beaded – 94 x 12
  • Weather Board – 119 x 12 or 144 x 12
  • T&G Flooring – 119 x 19 or 144 x 19
  • MW11 – 94 x 12
  • TGV Both Sides – 94 x 19
  • Weather Board – 94 x 19 or 119 x 19
  • Secret Nailed Flooring – 94 x 19
  • TGV – 94 x 19 or 119 x 19

We also offer four different finished sizes with different board coverage. See below for more information on the sizes available;

  • 69mm finished size – 62mm board coverage and 16.13ms metres per square metre
  • 94mm finished size – 87mm board coverage and 11.50ms metres per square metre
  • 119mm finished size – 112mm board coverage and 8.93ms metres per square metre
  • 144mm finished size – 137mm board coverage and 7.30ms metres per square metre
Are your external cladding sheets treated for additional protection?

Yes, our external sheets can be treated to prevent rot and ensure a longer-lasting lifespan.

For more information on our Sheeting Profiles email our sales team at or complete our product enquiry form.

At a glance

  • Excellent environmental friendly product manufactured from well managed and sustainable forests
  • Available in Whitewood and Redwood
  • Suitable for installation on new builds and renovation projects
  • Treated with preservatives to allow a long-lasting lifespan