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Timber Decking Profiles


Timber decking profiles

Timber decking is a popular method of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any home, garden or building. At RTD Crawford, we supply a wide variety of outdoor decking profiles including; reversible deck boards, spindles, newel posts, handrails and base rails which can be purchased from retailers all over Ireland. Our products are made from high-quality certified softwood timber and can be treated on request. See our Timber Treatment Centre for further details. 

Timber decking boards

We offer a range of superior decking boards that are attractive, strong and durable. Our decking boards come in a wide variety of sizes and patterns and can be specifically designed to meet your project requirements. We supply reversible and plain deck boards with combed and reeded faces and smooth and grooved faces. At RTD Crawford, we select the best timber for our decking range to minimise the risk of splitting, warping and twisting.

Decorative/bespoke spindles and newel posts

Our eased edge and decorative spindle and newel posts allow you to create a wide variety of designs and other timber structures in children’s play areas, gardens and commercial projects. Add the perfect finishing touches to your decking with our choice of decorative posts or go traditional with our eased edge range. Our range of spindles and newel posts can treated to prevent decaying.

Newel posts dimension options;

  • Eased edge: 69 x 69mm, 90 x 90mm
    Lengths available: 1.8m, 2.4m or 3.0m
  • Decorative: 94 x 94mm x 1.5m

Spindle dimension options;

  • Decorative: 41 x 41mm x 0.9m in height
  • Eased Edge: 41 x 41mm, x 0.9m in height

External handrails, base rails and capping

At RTD Crawford, we manufacture a wide variety of treated decking components including handrails, base rails and capping which can all be used alongside our decking boards. We carefully use the best timber to create the most supportive decking components to ensure the best stability for all outdoor projects.

Handrail profiles available:

  • Profile 1 handrail: 69 x 57mm
  • Profile 13 handrail: 69 x 40mm
  • D Rail: 94 x 32mm
  • Deck rail: 94 x 19mm

Base rail profiles available:

  • Base Rail: 69 x 32mm
  • Infill (fillet): 41 x 10mm

Treated timber decking profiles

Our entire decking range is preserved using Koppers preservative products, this is an advanced preservative system which you can read more about in our Timber Treatment Centre section. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the recommended space between spindles on a decking?
In accordance to multiple building codes the recommended spacing between spindles is no more than 4 inches.
How do you fit balustrade/spindle to a timber decking?
  1. Carefully consider the height, length and width of your spindle choice
  2. Accurately calculate your spindle placement
  3. Once you have calculated your spacing mark spots on the top and bottom rails, so you can easily identify where the spindles/balustrades will be installed
  4. Bolt the spindles/balustrades into place and proceed by installing railings.
What dimensions are available for your newel posts?

Our newel posts come in multiple dimensions. Our decorative newel posts are available in 94 x94mm x 1.5 and our eased edge posts are available in 94 x 94mm, 69 x 69mm and are available in lengths of; 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.0m. 

At a glance

  • Made from high-quality certified softwood timber
  • Availabe in Whitewood and Redwood
  • Fully treated with Koppers micronized wood preservative technology
  • Wide variety of sizes and patterns available
  • Specifically designed to meet your project requirements
  • Ideal choice for use in gardens, commercial building and outdoor projects
  • Can be purchased from retailers all over Ireland