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Log Cabin Profiles

Profile timbers for log cabins

The growth in demand for specialist cabins and sheds has resulted in the introduction of new log cabin profiles that are suitable for all external buildings such as sheds, cabins and summerhouses. Our log cabin and shiplap profiles can be treated, which protects from harsh weather conditions and decaying.  Our profiles are made from certified timber and are the ideal finish for high quality buildings, sheds and cabin. 

Log cabin homes, garden houses, summerhouses and sheds

At RTD Crawford, we manufacture a wide range of log cabin profiles that are suitable for all outdoor projects. The timber profiles available include; bevelled ship lapped, standard ship lapped, double T&G and various panel board options. 

Frequently asked questions

What log cabin profiles are available?
We offer a wide variety of log cabin profiles, see below for more information;
  • Standard Log Cabin (LOG 02)
  • Bevelled Ship Lapped (SLBV 01)
  • Standard Ship Lapped (SLWR 03)
  • Double T&G Log Cabin (LOG 01)
  • Bevelled Ship Lapped (SLBV 02)
  • Log Cabin (LOG 12)
  • Double Sided Log Cabin (LOG 05)
  • Bevelled Log Cabin (LOG 10)
  • Barrel Log Cabin (LOG 12)
  • Log Cabin (LOG 04)
Are there a range of different log cabin dimensions are available?
Yes, there is a range of different dimensions sizes available for all our log cabin profiles, see below for the different dimensions sizes;
  • Standard Log Cabin (LOG 02) – 94 x 19
  • Bevelled Ship Lapped (SLBV 01) – 94 x 19
  • Standard Ship Lapped (SLWR 03) – 144 x 19
  • Double T&G Log Cabin (LOG 01) – 144 x 44
  • Bevelled Ship Lapped (SLBV 02) – 119 x 19
  • Log Cabin (LOG 12) – 119 x 19
  • Double Sided Log Cabin (LOG 05) – 119 x 28
  • Bevelled Log Cabin (LOG 10) – 144 x 31
  • Barrel Log Cabin (LOG 12) – 119 x 32
  • Log Cabin (LOG 04) – 144 x 32

For more information on our Log Cabin Profiles email our sales team at or complete our product enquiry form. 

At a glance

  • Made from high-quality certified softwood timber
  • Can be supplied Protimised or Naturewood treated
  • Suitable for all outdoor projects
  • Cut to your own requirements
  • Available in Whitewood and Redwood
  • Can be purchased from retailers all over Ireland