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Bio Heat Logs

Bio heat logs and fire briquettes

At RTD Crawford, we currently manufacture bio heat logs which provide an environmentally friendly fuel and produce zero chemicals during production. The heat logs consist of 100% recycled wood chip and sawdust (by products of auxiliary RTD Crawford business) and are C02 neutral. The recycled briquettes do not crumble or expand and are suitable for all types of solid wood appliances and open fireplaces. The eco-friendly logs  are available from retailers all over Ireland.

Smokeless heat logs

Our bio heat logs are smokeless, slow burning and don’t produce deposits of tar within your chimney. They have a high heating value of up to 4800 kcal and produce very low ash values of 1%. The eco-friendly logs burn at a much higher temperature producing a very reliable flame which will secure heat. They are easy to light, contain low moisture and will not spit or spark once lit. In addition, if any ash remains after the burning of the logs it can be used as a fertilizer source for your garden. It is recommended that you use 30-40% fewer heat logs compared with fossil fuels and it is advisable to store the heat logs in a dry safe place.

Compressed wood logs

At RTD Crawford, our compressed heat logs are made from compacted clean timber waste produced from unwanted and redundant stock. We utilise all our recycled chips to produce compressed, clean and easy to handle heat logs, the eco-friendly heat logs can be easily broken into varying sizes without crumbling and are shrink wrapped for easy dispatch. As our heat logs are manufactured to a standard sized product they take up less space, making them ideal for limited storage space. The compressed logs can be used for wood burners, burning stoves, log boilers, open fires and cassette fires.

Frequently asked questions

What are briquettes/heat logs?
Briquettes or heat logs are a manufactured log created from sawdust and wood shavings. They are a pure organic biomass product containing no artificial chemicals. The heat logs burn for longer, produce less ash and release heat much faster than traditional firewood logs.
How long do RTD Crawford heat logs last?
Time can differ when the logs are used in different locations, however under normal circumstances the logs should last for 1 hour in an open fire and longer if burnt in a wood burner with airflow controls.
How are heat logs made?
  1. The sawdust is put into a grinder to make the particles uniformed in size,
  2. The now uniformed shavings are passed through directly to a compression machine, the piston allocated inside the compression machine compresses the sawdust using extreme high pressure,
  3. The compressed log exits the compression machine and a cutter shapes a flat edge which helps the logs stack, stopping them from rolling over,
  4. A guillotine machine then cuts the logs to the specified size and a separator pulls them apart,
  5. The logs are then dropped onto a conveyor belt that leads to the packaging area.
How do you light heat logs?

In the same process as you would light traditional fire logs, break the logs into smaller sections and use in conjunction with firelighters, paper or kindling.

At a glance

  • Suitable for all types of solid fuel appliances and open fireplaces
  • Very low ash, 1%
  • High heating value (=4800 kcal +/-)
  • Smokeless and clean to handle
  • Ash Ph Neutral – can be used as fertilizer

For more information on our Bio Heat Logs
call +44 (0)28 6638 7315