If you are operating a business and would like to talk to us about recycling bulk timber, please contact our Belfast Branch on 028 9035 1119.
For all domestic wood recycling, please contact your local council waste recycle centre.

Wood recycling centre

At RTD Crawford, we have always been committed to operating our business in an environmentally friendly manner. Taking this commitment a step further, we have developed our business to include timber recycling. We take all kinds of timber waste, which is graded and recycled to create woodchip, which is then used during production of our bio heat logs, animal bedding and biomass.

A mobile waste reduction service is available. Using this system, oversized waste material can be pre-crushed at source to facilitate more efficient transportation to our site. We utilise all of the chips produced for our Heat Log production.

Recycled timber products

All the chips produced from our recycled timber are utilised to create high-quality eco-friendly products, such as our bio heat logs, animal bedding and biomass. 

Compressed bio heat logs

Our compressed bio heat logs are created from clean, 'Grade A' recycled timber. They are smokeless, long-burning, contain low moisture and don’t leave deposits of tar. The eco-friendly logs are suitable for use in in all types of solid wood appliances and open fireplaces and do not crumble or expand when used.

Frequently asked questions

Can timber be recycled?

Yes, timber can be recycled and can be used to produce a wide range of eco-friendly products such as bio heat logs, biomass fuels and wooden furniture for your home or garden. Recycling wood reduces the need to cut down more trees and is the best solution for ensuring the environment is sustained and returned to its natural state. For more information our recycling services contact us at +44 (0)28 669035 1119 or email us at

Where can I take wood to be recycled?

All our timber recycling is now conducted at our premises in Belfast, so all timber no longer fit for purpose must be delivered here. Please contact our staff on +44 (0)28 669035 1119 for further information or to arrange your drop off. 

What is the process for recycling timber?

The process for recycling wood is very simple;
1. Waste timber is sorted into different grades. Our main waste stream is Grade 1 timber which generally is produced from packaging waste, such as pallets.
- Grade 1 Wood: Clean white virgin wood no paint/plastics etc (EWC 15.01.03)
- Grade 2 Wood: Painted wood, demolition timbers etc (EWC 19.12.07)
2. Timber is pre-crushed into pieces around 300mm and large metals removed
3. The pre-crushed material is feed through a secondary hammer mill, producing chip around 50mm. More of the ferrous and nonferrous metals are removed.
4. The 50mm chip then passes through a fine hammer mill, resulting in a 4mm chip.
5. The small chips are graded through a screening process where all metals are removed resulting in a range of clean wood chip.

For more information on our Wood Recycling Centre call +44 (0)28 6638 7315